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The samples below are from a recording made on a Bechstein concert grand. Feel free to listen or download.

Tuning a Bosendorfer

Bosendorfer concert grand
If you own a piano, your piano may be one of the most rewarding and valuable items you own.  Keeping your piano at its best means regular tuning and servicing by an experienced piano technician. Your technician should not just be a tuner, but also a skilled professional able to regulate, repair, voice, or rebuild.
I created this website as a resource for piano owners that they might find information about their pianos, ask questions about pianos, and learn a bit more about how pianos are serviced.  If you have a piano related question you would like me to try to answer, click on the Ask link and fill out the form.  I will try to get an email back to you as soon as I can.  Please, however, do not ask me to assess the value of or to date your piano.  These services are usually available through your local piano dealer.

Most of the linked pages on the site are in question and answer format.  The questions address piano related issues of general interest. 
Steinway VisitA Visit to New York
On September 27th, 2006 I had the privilege of traveling to New York city  to the Steinway factory.  I was accompanied by three faculty pianists from the University of Wyoming hosted by Mark Dunkley and his wife from Dunkley Music in Boise, Idaho to select a new concert grand for the University of Wyoming music department.

After a brief tour of the factory, we selected an exceptional model D, as well as a model B for a private customer.  Each and every piano was beautiful, and wonderfully prepared by technicians Dirk Dickten and Terry Walsh.  Many thanks to these hard working guys that have a rigorous schedule of selections to prepare for every week.  I came away from the experience impressed in several ways.

First of all, that Steinway is a remarkable company dedicated to producing quality pianos.  Forget any negatives you may have heard such as "old Steinways are better that new ones" or, "you are just paying for the name".  Not true.  You have only to see, hear and play for yourself.  Secondly, the factory program of old Steinway piano restorations is something I was not aware they did in New York.  There were several old restored pianos in Steinway Hall that were on display there.  What a treat to sample some of these instruments that were from 1891, 1898, 1921, 1934, and 1947.  These pianos looked brand new and in fact were, inside and out.  And lastly, I was impressed with the people.  These were genuinely helpful, friendly, and skilled professionals dedicated to working for a quality company.  If you ever get a chance, make it a point to visit the Steinway factory and take a tour.